Stack Street Coffee is a large capacity coffee roaster offering full service wholesale coffee  as well as private label coffee. We leverage our production efficiencies, logistics capabilities and purchasing power to deliver the highest quality and lowest possible cost to our wholesale customers

Our coffee is available in a range of roasts, flavor varieties, package types and prices to fit your budget. Stack Street Coffee is based in the beautiful and historic Lower Hudson Valley with operational capability across the United States.

We offer a wide range of options that support environmentally responsible farming and packaging practices while saving you money! 

Our carefully curated artisanal small-batch roasts are packed in-house by dedicated coffee experts.

There are only organic coffee beans in our Signature Blends, without synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.

Strict quality control ensures that each batch lives up to our reputation and your expectations.


Why Stack Street?

We are a one stop shop for your entire coffee program from concept to final product.
Our white-glove customer service team will guide you through the entire process.

•High quality, small-batch roasts, single-origin and signature blends

•Experience in helping develop brands and shops

•Low minimums & large capacity 

•Quick lead times

Stack Street wholesale coffee services are an ideal fit for every business that wants to make the best impression on its customers, employees and clients, including (but not limited to: )

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Ready to take your coffee game to the next level?

We buy our coffee in bulk straight from the source, cutting out the middleman and saving you money.


Cafes and coffee shops  · Restaurants · Hotels · Offices · Healthcare Institutions · Colleges · Retail shops · Gas stations · Convenience stores · Gift shops · Cafeterias · Hospitals · Specialty grocers · Fundraisers

The Stack Street 


Our model is unique because it allows us to build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with individual producers and cooperatives. This ensures the highest levels of quality and enables more people around the world to earn a fair living wage.

- Yehuda, CEO of Stack Coffee

There’s no waiting for caffeine when we’re in charge of your coffee supply: our attentive customer service guarantees that you receive your wholesale coffee shipment complete and on time.

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Colombian Supremo Organic Coffee

8 oz - 20/case

$ 79.95

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Breakfast Blends Organic Coffee

8 oz - 20/case

$ 79.95

French Roast Organic Coffee

3 oz - 50/case

$ 79.95

"This is great stuff!"

Anthony Scaramucci

Former White House 

Communications Director

"T'was good to the last drop. Legit."

J. Wolh

CEO, Boutique Seller Services

Don't wait to talk to New York's top wholesale coffee roaster.

Click here for a FREE sample! or contact us for a consultation.

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